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Have you recently been referred to one of our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists? Not sure how we can help? Take a look below.

How can our team of Registered Dietitian Nutritionists help you?

Do you need guidance when it comes to choosing the right foods? Our team of Registered Dietitian Nutritionists will help you create a plan to fit your lifestyle and reach your health goals. Rebecca Bitzer & Associates is the largest and most experienced nutrition practice in Maryland, dedicated to providing compassionate, trusted, and effective care to our clients. We specialize in nutrition counseling for all ages and strive to help everyone find a personalized nutrition plan that works for them.

All of our nutritionists are Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDN) and nutrition experts licensed in Maryland, and all participate in rigorous continuing education. You will be matched with a nutritionist who meets your individual needs and will provide you with the most current nutrition information and interventions.

Registered Dietitian Nutritionists

What are Registered Dietitian Nutritionists?

Our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists might have our Master’s degrees in nutrition, but all of our years of education just reinforced that eating anything in moderation is okay (except of course if you have a medical reason not to eat a specific food).

Many of us have overcome our own struggles with food and health which led us into this career.  We are patient and understand our clients.

We are personally invested in every single patient that we see. We love to see you take control of your health and make food easy again.

What to expect from your nutrition counseling visit?

This is a really common question since this maybe your first time seeing a Registered Dietitian.  Take a look at this blog on what to expect during your appointment with a Registered Dietitian.

Want more information about our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists Team?

For more information and answers to your FAQs (frequently asked questions) click here.

Why see a Private Practice Registered Dietitian?

  • You can have as many appointments as you need, as often as you need.  Some people feel confident in managing their diet after a few consultations, others may want more appointments to discuss problems, ask questions and stay accountable for extended periods of time.
  • We are here to support you as much as you need. It is totally up to you. We are here to help you along your journey to better health.
  • You will be able to see the same Registered Dietitians for all of your appointments which fosters a longer term relationship and better success.
  • Longer appointment times means more time to listen, more time to care and therefore more individualized care for you and/or your family. You will receive individualized actionable items to help you progress along your health journey.
  • We are kind, compassionate and patient and will take your lead on how fast you want to take action.  Appointments can be arranged at a time to suit you, reducing the need to take time off work or arrange child care (evening and weekend appointments also available).
  • In addition to seeing you in person in one of our four locations in Maryland, we can also do telehealth appointments, taking the stress away from having to travel to see us in person.

Do Registered Dietitian Nutritionists accept health insurance?

YES, we are participating providers in most health insurance plans.  We see clients in 4 locations in Maryland including Columbia, Greenbelt, Annapolis and Rockville, MD.

We also provide telehealth services which are covered by insurance.

For more information about health insurance coverage, take a look at this page.

Who is on our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists team?

We specialize in various conditions to give you the best nutrition care possible.  Just like physicians specialize in cardiology or oncology, we specialize.  Some of our most popular specializations include:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • Digestive Difficulties
  • Eating Disorders

Click on each Registered Dietitian Nutritionist’s photo to read her bio and see which one has the specialized training that will help you solve your nutrition problems.

Registered Dietitian Nutritionists

Rebecca Bitzer MS, RD, LD, CEDRD

Rebecca is the founder of Rebecca Bitzer & Associates: A Dietitian for Every Condition.

Klara Knezevic RD, LD, CLT

Klara can help you in your fight against cancer or disordered eating and manage your nutrition support.

Registered Dietitian Nutritionists
Registered Dietitian

Kaitlin Williams Eckstein MPH, RD, LD

Kaitlin can help you improve diabetes, kidney function and heart health with nutritious meals.

Dana Magee RD, LD, CLT

Dana can help you to alleviate your digestive problems or conquer your disordered eating.

Registered Dietitian Nutritionists

Shelley Lewis RD, LD, CDE

Shelley can help you explore and improve all aspects of wellness to live a healthy, nutritious life.

Kathleen Tabb RD, LD, CLT

Kathleen can help you improve diabetes, heart health and digestive issues with nutritious meals.

Allie Hosmer

Elizabeth Kerr MS, RDN, LDN

Elizabeth can help you in a holistic manner to help you find sustainable nutrition solutions.

Support Staff

Our highly trained, supportive team is here to help you connect with our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists. Read more about our admin team including Candy Lee, Karen Perdomo, Sam Maldonado, Haley Kappey, Amaris Galik and Kristin Jenkins.

rebecca bitzer & associates

Who is our supporting staff?

Meet the team members that run our main office in Greenbelt, Maryland. Our administrative staff is kind and conscientious. They know our dietitians inside-out and do an amazing job of matching your nutritional needs with the dietitian who will be able to help you best!

Candy Lee

Candy Lee Supporting Staff
Candy is currently an office and billing manager at Rebecca Bitzer and Associates. She studied at the University of Maryland, University College, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Services Management. She first studied to become a registered nurse but switched to health management after realizing she enjoyed more of the paperwork aspect of  healthcare. Outside of work, Candy enjoys going to the gym, hiking, and spending time with her family.

Karen Perdomo

support staff

Karen is currently a receptionist for Rebecca Bitzer and Associates. She is currently a student at Towson University majoring in business accounting. She previously was a receptionist for 5 years up until the doctor retired. Outside of work she enjoys looking for new comics to read online, spending time with her family and going out to eat with her friends. She also speaks Spanish.

Student Interns

Samantha Maldonado

Supporting Staff

Samantha is currently the lead intern at Rebecca Bitzer & Associates. She is a dietetics major at the University of Maryland, College Park graduating in the Spring of 2021. Samantha enjoys spending time with her dogs, going to Trader Joe’s and making others laugh. 

Haley Kappey

Haley is currently an intern at Rebecca Bitzer & Associates. She is a dietetics major at the University of Maryland, College Park, class of 2021. She is the assistant to our social media director. In her free time, she enjoys trying new dessert recipes, spending time with friends and family, and training for marathons and cross country races.

Amaris Galik

Supporting Staff
Amaris, along with working at RBA, is a Peer Nutrition Coach at the University of Maryland Health Center. She is currently a junior with a dietetics major and business minor. She is also very involved in a Christian ministry on campus and enjoys baking, spending time with family/friends, and ballroom dancing.

Kristin Jenkins

Supporting Staff
Kristin is a dietetics graduate student at Eastern Michigan University. Her passion for nutrition blossomed from her own experience and she aspires to become a dietitian to help others who may be facing similar challenges. On her days off she enjoys blogging, food photography, and spending ample time with family and friends over good food and drink.

Got Questions? Our Supporting Staff has Answers!

Welcome to our Nutrition Counseling FAQs page where you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Our supporting staff includes two full time receptionists who answer our phones and greet our clients Monday through Thursday 8 am to 7 pm (and until 4 pm on Fridays).
In addition to our professional supporting staff, we have student interns who also help with supporting our team with administrative tasks.

We also have many blogs that may answer your additional questions. If you have other questions, please feel free to call us at 301-474-2499 or email us at

What is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN)?

Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs) are health professionals specializing in food and nutrition. To earn the nationally recognized credential of RDN, a candidate must complete a Bachelor’s degree in Food and Nutrition and/or Master’s degree in Nutrition and then an approved Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics dietetic internship. RDN status also requires successfully passing the National Registration Exam and accumulating a sufficient number of ongoing continuing education credits annually. A RDN is sometimes referred to as a nutritionist; however, a nutritionist who has not achieved RDN status may not advertise or practice as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. Also, in the state of Maryland, Registered Dietitian Nutritionists are licensed (LDN) to prevent misuse of the term nutritionist. RDNs and LDNs are the only health professionals permitted to counsel patients on medically necessary dietary intervention.

What is a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE)?

A Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) earns the designation by successfully completing the Certification Examination for Diabetes Educators. Candidates must meet rigorous credential and professional practice experience requirements to be eligible to take the examination. Achieving the CDE credential demonstrates to patients that the health care professional possesses distinct and specialized knowledge, thereby promoting quality care for patients with diabetes. There are currently only 14,000 diabetes educators who hold the CDE credential nationwide. Rebecca Bitzer, MS, RD & Associates is fortunate to have a qualified CDE on staff.

Will health insurance cover my visit?

Health insurance often covers medical nutrition therapy (appointments with your dietitian) for diagnoses that are deemed “medically necessary.” These often include: diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure), hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol), kidney disease, etc. If you are not sure if your insurance will cover our services, please feel free to call our office at (301) 474-2499 during our business hours to discuss your situation. Or, you may review our pdf guide to current insurance coverage requirements.

What are your hours?

We have appointments available in our Greenbelt office Monday through Friday. This includes morning, afternoon, and evening hours. We also have time slots available in Columbia, Rockville and Annapolis. We even have hours on Sundays in our Annapolis location . So, for a complete list of our hours by location please call our support staff at (301) 474-2499 or complete our request form.

Are you wheel chair accessible?

Yes, as of January 2020, all of our offices are wheel chair accessible.

Do you see children?

Yes, we see people of all ages and we have several dietitians who specialize in pediatrics. We have experience in dealing with nutrition issues related to children, including overweight/underweight, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, food allergies, and eating disorders.

May I bring my spouse?

Definitely — we encourage a “family approach.” The more the merrier. There is no additional charge if your spouse or significant other wants to join you in your session(s). However, if they are also interested in nutrition counseling for themselves, they will have to register as a patient.

Does anyone speak Spanish?

Yes, we have a dietitian on staff who speaks Spanish. Please let the receptionist know that you would like a Spanish-speaking dietitian when you set up your first appointment.

And as of January 2020, we have a new addition to our supporting staff.  We have a full-time receptionist who also speaks Spanish.

Sí, tenemos un dietista en nuestro personal que habla español. Por favor, indica a la recepcionista que le gustaría hablar con una dietista que habla española cuando haces su primera cita.

How long are the visits?

The typical initial consultation lasts approximately 45 minutes to an hour and follow-up visits usually last 20-45 minutes. We can tailor your appointments to meet your needs if you require more or less time to achieve your goals.

How many times will I have to come?

We have a very individualized approach depending upon your current diet, your goals and the number and severity of the health issues you face. Ideally we like to work with you weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly, depending upon your needs. This approach provides an opportunity to work with you during various eating situations throughout all the seasons of the year (holidays, vacations, barbecues, etc.). Some clients need more intensive follow-up than others — it varies from client to client. For instance, if you’re a disciplined self-starter, you will require less supervision. If you need more structure and accountability, we are here to help you as well.

What can I expect from my first appointment?

Not every first appointment is exactly the same, as each consultation is tailored to the individual’s needs.  During the first visit, the dietitian will ask you what brings you in as well as some of your goals and any other wants or needs.  We understand the first appointment might be a bit uncomfortable, as food, weight, and body image are very personal subjects, but we promise to be respectful and move at a pace that is comfortable for you.

Your dietitian will go over the questions on your paperwork, including your health and diet history, medications, typical diet, sleep schedule and exercise regimen.  Standard measurements, such as weight and height, may be taken. We also do “blind” weights, where the patient does not see the results of their measurements, which are only used to track trends on our end. Using this information and any other information you would like your dietitian to know, she will help you pinpoint what changes can be made to reach your health goals as well as address any behavioral changes that may need to be worked on.

Patients often receive educational handouts, which differ based on the diagnosis, to take home with them. They can take home meal ideas, recipes, and detailed menus as well. RDNs may also utilize the latest technology to measure patients’ resting metabolic rate, body fat and lean mass percentages, micronutrient intake and more, to better assess a patient’s needs. They can incorporate your favorite websites, smartphone apps, and inspirational material into your plan as well. All of these things are done to help you see results.

The RDNs at RBA help you improve your relationship with food and give you ownership of the healthy choices you make. While each person’s first experience with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist is likely to be different, and each patient’s appointment is very personalized, the first consultation is a wonderful opportunity for the patient and RDN to begin their work together toward a healthier lifestyle!

What should I bring to my first appointment?

You will need to bring your completed new patient forms, insurance card, photo ID, referral from your physician (if required) and any medical lab or blood-work results (printouts) if you have them. Also, it is helpful to have a list of medications that you are currently taking. If your insurance requires you to make a co-pay, or if you are a self-pay client, you should also have payment for services. We accept cash, check or Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover credit cards.

Our dietitians and supporting staff will be able to help you with any questions that you may have.

Page reviewed and updated May 2020.

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