What do I need to know about Telehealth?

Telehealth gives us the opportunity as health care professionals to provide care virtually. Did you know that you can have appointments with your RD from the comfort of your own home?

Here at Rebecca Bitzer & Associates, we use a services called VSEE that provides a HIPAA compliant platform for video sessions with our clients! You can download the software here.

How do I use VSEE?

VSEE is very simple Telehealth platform to use. You can download the app right from their website, or ask your Registered Dietitian for their unique link. If using the unique linked from your provider, you can simply download the software and you will instantly be connected. Log on at the time of your appointment, and your RD will initiate the call.


What if I don’t have the unique link?

That’s no problem. You can download VSEE from the main website. Once you are all set up, you can search for your RD by email address in “Contacts” area of the platform. Still having trouble? Call or email us so that we can help troubleshoot!


What device do I need in order to use VSEE?

You can use a computer or smart phone to connect on VSEE. Here you can find the specific compatibility requirements.

Is Telehealth covered by my insurance?

Unfortunately, we can make no guarantees of Telehealth coverage. We are, however, seeing an increase in coverage from some insurance companies. As always, we ask that you reach out to your insurance provider and check to see if you have virtual counseling benefits in your plan.

What can I do to prepare for my Telehealth session?

Check your internet speed

First, we would recommend downloading the app in advance, and testing it to ensure the video and microphone both work. It is also very helpful to have fast enough internet speed to handle the software. You can check your internet speed here. A few things to try that can increase your speed is to:

  • connect via ethernet (vs wifi)
  • close other programs/windows
  • avoid downloading any large files during the session

Prepare your space

We ask that you set yourself up for success. This means limiting your distractions. Find a quiet place to take the call. This could be in your office at work (if able), in your car (but not while you are driving), or in a quiet room of your house. Make sure to close the door, turn off the TV/music, and separate yourself from noisy/distracting pets.

What people are saying about their first telehealth appointment:

It was my first teleconference with Kaitlin. The app was easy to use once I figured out how to start. Thank you for offering this option.
Shelley is totally amazing
Just as helpful as in person!
Klara is awesome! Thank you for all you do.
Kaitlin is very good at keeping me focused on what I need to do. She is pleasant to work with and a great young professional. I understand why my doctor referred me to this practice. Thank you,

We are grateful for advancing technology and the ability to meet with people both in person and through Telehealth. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at (301) 474-2499 or email admin@rbitzer.com for more information. Your privacy is important to us, which is why we use a HIPAA compliant service, as well as ensure that your sessions are private and never recorded.

We Are Open During COVID-19
For your safety, we are providing virtual appointments for new and returning clients!

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