If you were referred to a Registered Dietitian for nutrition services, you have come to the right place.  You may not have any idea about how a Registered Dietitian can help you.  Basically, we are nutrition experts who help you make nutrition science understandable.  Most importantly, we help you make food simple again.  With a team of Registered Dietitians, you will soon realize that you have been matched with a dietitian who has either struggled with a similar health problem or has advanced training to help with your specific situation.  That is why we are called “dietitians for every condition”.  Our dietitians are compassionate, trusted and effective.

Which nutrition services do you provide?

Our services include nutrition counseling, educational classes, group support, nutritional testing, meal planning and dietitian coaching.  Take a look at the services below for more detailed information.


Be paired with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist that is specialized in their unique area of expertise and the best fit for you depending on your diagnosis. Your meetings with your dietitian will get you the results you are looking for whether it is to manage your weight, improve your lab results, decrease medication, enjoy preparing meals.

Nutrition Counseling

Don’t go at it alone. Surround yourself with a positive environment that will foster a sense of community and empower you to make the changes needed to improve your health and happiness.



Take an in-depth look into what is going on INSIDE your body, so we can make the most effective and personalized nutrition recommendations.


meal planning services
Are you looking to create more balanced meals to promote good health without sacrificing good taste? Conquer meal planning once and for all.

Meal Planning

Interested in having one of our dietitians speak at your event? Our dietitians have spoken across the country and can provide presentations tailored to community groups, for corporate settings, and for nutrition professionals.


meal planning services

Have you always wanted to become a private practice dietitian but weren’t sure where to start? We can help you get started with resources and individualized coaching.

Private Practice Dietitian


Easy Meals on a Budget

Easy Meals on a Budget

Tips to Healthy, Easy Meals on a Budget When eating on a budget there are two challenges which concern dietitians and which are important to keep in mind as you are feeding your family on a little tighter budget than usual. The first is challenge is nutrient-density....

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