Women’s Health

Do you feel like your hormones are out of balance? Do you feel like you are on an emotional rollercoaster?

Are you ready to start or grow your family but are struggling to get pregnant?

Did your doctor diagnose you with PCOS but you don’t know where to start?

Are you feeling frustrated by conflicting and unrealistic nutrition messages from healthcare providers, influencers, and media?

We know that going through the different stages of life can make nutrition challenging enough: going to college and living in a dorm, starting your new job, living with your first roommate, living with your first partner, trying to get pregnant, having your first baby, having your next babies, having your children leave home, empty nesting, living alone. There are so many stages of a women’s life that are directly related to caring for others, that it often makes caring for yourself even more challenging. Layer on health conditions like PCOS, infertility, amenorrhea, or hormone imbalances, and trying to figure out what to eat can quickly seem impossible.

Hormonal balance is key to feeling well throughout all stages of life especially during adolescence, puberty, childbearing years, peri-menopause, and post menopause to name a few. We will guide you in how to use nutrition to support healthy hormone levels. We focus on self-care and intuitive eating to help reconnect your food and nutrition with your own individual needs.  Your needs will change throughout your life and we are here to help you with compassion and expertise every step of the way.

What is women’s health?

Women’s health is a branch of health care that addresses the unique challenges and conditions that women may face. Whether you are pregnant or would like to become pregnant, our dietitians are here to help! If you struggle with PCOS, our dietitians will work with you to help regulate your menstrual cycle, improve fertility, help you find pleasure in eating without anxiety or guilt, and minimize food cravings. We are here to support you through pregnancy and address your postpartum needs. Our dietitians can help you practice healthy nutrition for yourself and your family.

We also work with young girls, adolescent girls, college-aged girls, young women, middle aged women and elderly women to help all women feel the best that they can feel.

In addition to working with women, we also work with boys and men of all ages.

Women’s health in an inclusive space

Our registered dietitian women’s health nutrition experts are here to help you. We provide care for individuals of all sizes, ages, races, ethnicities, genders and those in the LGBTQ community who need support from providers in a compassionate, non-judgmental space.

We also work with kids of all ages.


Take a look at our pediatrics page.


Make mealtimes more enjoyable


meal support

woman's health nutrition
Practice mindful eating and meal planning to feel better, improve insulin resistance, and fertility.


woman's health nutrition
Personalized nutrition for all stages of motherhood including preconception, pregnancy, delivery, and breastfeeding.


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