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Are you concerned that your child is growing too fast or too slow, avoiding essential food groups, or showing altered nutrient-related labs? Our approach targets behavioral changes in combination with nutrition education which has been proven to be the most effective treatment for pediatric nutrition care. Healthy nutrition is crucial for growing strong, healthy bodies!

Our pediatric dietitians can work with your child to teach them the importance of nutrition and balance. Together we can work towards developing healthy habits to last them a lifetime.


Essential food groups for proper growth and development
How to make food fun for all members of the family
How fun foods can fit into a healthy lifestyle


Build confidence in picking healthy food choices
Read nutrition and ingredient labels for identify high-quality, nutritious foods
Balance snacks to emphasize nutrient-dense foods, while keeping food fun


Grow into a healthy body
Feel confident in their understanding of how food helps us grow
Life-long healthy relationship with food

Happy Clients

“My boys were wild and crazy and it didn’t throw her off one bit. I got some good information and handouts to help me modify their diets “

“Allie was very compassionate, knowledgeable, and has a good ability to teach.”

“Allie was very friendly and helpful”

Services for Pediatrics

  • Growth chart mapping
  • Anthropometric assessments
  • Family-friendly recommendations for picky eating
  • Coordination of care with parents and health providers
  • Primary prevention of chronic disease
  • Recipes and recommendations for food allergies or intolerances
  • Inborn errors of metabolism counseling

Testing for Pediatrics


Registered Dietitians
registered dietitians for pediatrics

Registered Dietitian Articles on Pediatrics

Ten Easy Tips for Parents of a Picky Eater
Seven Kid-friendly Lunch Box Ideas
Six tips to help your child if you are worried about their weight
How to get your kids cooking

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