High Cholesterol

How We Can Help


Meal and snack ideas to reduce your bad cholesterol
Foods to increase your good cholesterol


Learn to make sensible choices when dining out
Identify what foods to reduce that can increase risk of heart disease
Cook easy, heart-healthy meals at home
Make healthy substitutions in your favorite dishes


Reduce the risk of a cardiac event
Decrease reliance on medication
Enjoy foods that support your heart health

We can also  assist you with other cardiac medical nutrition therapy:

Cardiovascular Disease
Coronary Heart disease
Congestive Heart Failure
Congenital Heart Disease

Happy Clients
“Kaitlin was very warm, friendly, courteous and patient.  She really listened to me.  She seemed genuine and I look forward to working with her and getting myself on the right track regarding controlling my food intake and making healthier choices so that I can eventually reduce the medicines I am on or be able to stop taking them completely.”
“After 4 heart attacks in 15 years I believe I am finally making progress with a healthier lifestyle. I started meeting with Klara Knezevic, she is counseling and educating me on making healthier food choices. The result of which is enhancing the quality of my life. I actually can feel the difference, I feel better. “
“Shelley is the best health practitioner that I have ever encountered.  Her proactive approach to wellness has been a game changer.  Her knowledge, experience and approach is of the highest caliber.”

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