Vegan Halloween Treats For a Spooky Feast

Mummy Carrot Dogs

Mummy carrot dogs are an adorable and fun vegan alternative to mummy hot dogs. They make the perfect festive food for Halloween. Mummy Carrot Dogs Roasted carrots wrapped in strips of crescent dough are delicious and festive for Halloween! 8 carrots1 tbsp avocado...
Vegan Cup of Dirt

Vegan Cup of Dirt

Vegan Cup of Dirt, yes, we thought that it would be fun to take a vegan spin on this Halloween favorite. Next time you need a delicious, dairy free dessert for a spooky celebration, try a vegan cup of dirt! It is sure to please! Vegan Cup of Dirt Vegan Chocolate...
Halloween Taco Cups

Halloween Taco Cups

Perfect for your spooky celebration. Halloween taco cups with tortilla tombstones make for a fun and festive Halloween treat! Halloween Taco Cups 1 large tortillacooking spraysalt 1 cup guacamole1 cup pico de gallo1 cup black bean hummus2 tbsp green onion (thinly...
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