What is Happy Hour Fatigue?

Healthline and the American Liver Foundation have partnered up to create the “Happy Hour Fatigue” campaign, and spark conversation regarding the way that we drink. Alcohol consumption can have a huge impact on our health, and well-being. Their goal is to promote a healthier happy hour.

Excessive alcohol use can result in lower productivity at work, greater healthcare expenses, and increased costs due to accidents and contact with law enforcement officers. Not to mention, the numbers are rising. Both men and women are participating in more high risk drinking, and deaths from alcohol cirrhosis are increasing.

Should alcohol be consumed at all?

That can be a personal decision, but experts believe alcohol can be safely consumed in moderation, meaning 1 drink per day for women, 2 drinks per day for men. Be careful if you are taking medications, there may be interactions!

Interested in learning more about the Happy Hour Fatigue campaign? Click here!

If you’re looking to end the happy hour fatigue and feel better, reducing your alcohol consumption and swapping out for alternatives may help! Need some inspiration? Find a few of our favorite mocktail recipes below!

Other options: sip kombucha from a wine glass or a small batch craft soda from the glass bottle (my favorite is Bruce Cost Ginger Ale, which also comes in a lower sugar version if you’re worried about your sugar intake).

Chia Seed Lemonade

Mojito Mocktail

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