Eating Disorders

Are thoughts of food and weight taking up all of your time and energy?

Does your relationship with food and body image feel more challenging than it used to?

Have you developed an irregular menstrual cycle, trouble sleeping, or recurrent constipation?

Do you feel like you are either constantly thinking about or out of control around food that you shouldn’t have?

Struggling with an eating disorder affects so many areas of life including your physical, mental, and emotional health. It can also start to impact your performance at work or school, relationships, and hobbies or leisure time. You deserve a life where food plays its role in nourishing you and giving you joy and is not met with stress and pain. Whether you are struggling with restriction, binge eating, purging or chronic dieting we can help you to make food a positive relationship in your life. We can help you challenge the eating disorder and get to a place where you are listening to your hunger and fullness cues and honoring what foods you enjoy.

Addressing Eating Disorders


Binge Eating Disorder

Did you know that Binge Eating Disorder is actually the most prevalent eating disorder? Binge eating can affect people of any weight. BED usually involves eating large portions of food rapidly and feeling out of control, guilty, or overly full. We know it can be hard to seek treatment for binge eating but it is possible to reduce and stop binge eating. We can help you feel safe and comfortable eating a variety of foods.

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Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexia Nervosa has the highest mortality rate of all mental health illnesses. It is very important that you have a team of health professionals to ensure the safest, most efficient treatment. Anorexia can occur at any body size. We will work with you to decrease the stress around eating meals and achieve the ability to nourish your body in order to have more energy, more focus, better concentration, to have less thoughts about food. If anorexia has affected your menstrual cycle we can help make recommendations to regain your cycle. Anorexia can take so much away from the joy of life, we can help you reclaim it!

Bulimia Nervosa

Bulimia Nervosa can include restriction as well binge eating along with a component of purging calories through exercise or other means. The methods of purging can cause immediate heart risk to the patient and needs an experienced team including dietitian, therapist, psychiatrist, medical doctor and the patient. Our dietitians can help you to reduce and eliminate behaviors and nourish yourself with a variety of foods.

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Orthorexia is the term used when “healthy” eating goes too far. This might also be putting too much focus on nutrition to solve a medical diagnosis or symptom that starts whittling away at food groups or the variety of foods/nutrients eaten. This can lead to malnutrition and affect physical and mental health as well as become isolating to the person that becomes rigid around what food they will or will not eat. This may start to affect relationships and meals outside of the home.

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ARFID (Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder)

ARFID is a feeding disorder that goes beyond picky eating. ARFID is characterized by such selective eating that there may be 10-20 acceptable foods in the person’s diet. This can affect those of all ages. It may cause significant weight loss, nutritional deficiencies, reliance on enteral feeding, and can affect cognitive function. Typically ARFID does not include a body image component to the restrictive nature. Our dietitians can help to start increasing acceptable foods in order to get a more varied, balanced diet.

We are here for you

We focus on self-care and intuitive eating to help you reconnect your food and nutrition with your own individual needs. Throughout this journey we will focus our compassion and expertise on your goals every step of the way.
We work with adolescents and adults on forming, maintaining and nurturing a healthy relationship with food.

Compassionate Care

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Eating Disorder Recovery in an inclusive space

Our registered dietitian experts are here to help you. We provide care for individuals of all sizes, ages, races, ethnicities, genders and those in the LGBTQ community who need support from providers in a compassionate, non-judgmental space.

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