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Taste The Sweet Rebellion with our REBEL Dietitians

Are you sick and tired of dieting?

Are you ready to feel strong and confident in your body?

How do you feel about a sustainable approach to lifelong health and nutrition?

It’s time to REBEL.

Rebecca will be leading a binge eating support group in the fall, please email if you are interested.


REBEL Diets at Fast Food Restaurants


Eating well and taking care of your health does not have to be a burden. Taking care of yourself can be empowering and rewarding when you Taste the Sweet REBELLION and work with one of our REBEL Dietitians to help you navigate the grocery store, plan, and cook quick, easy and healthy meals.  If improving your health and weight has always been a battle or lead to feelings of defeat, it is time to try something new. Weight loss does not and should not have to be hard or uncomfortable or the results will not be sustainable!

REBEL diets

When you have begun a strict diet it can take a physical and emotion toll:

–It’s hard to go out to eat with friends- and obsessing over the menu or lack of options zaps your energy and can make it seem not even worth it to attend in the first place

–You pass on dessert with your kids, birthdays, holidays and other celebrations

–You think about weight and food all of the time

–You are distracted from other wonderful things in your life that are important to you

–You don’t know where to turn to manage your weight when dieting doesn’t work


Physically going on a diet can slow your metabolism and that is why weight loss is never permanent. When you restrict your intake your body learns to protect itself and store food and a calorie deficit can have an affect on your nutrients, heart health, bone health and brain function. Many people also come off a diet feeling deprived and have intense cravings for food which may be hard to control.

Exercise can be fun

Taste the Sweet REBELLION


The REBEL Dietitians want to provide you with something new.

We encourage progress, not perfection for a sustainable healthy life.  We will help you:

  • Eat well at restaurants, parties, solo meals, family meals and even at work
  • Get in touch with your hunger and fullness cues to ensure meals are more satisfying 
  • Ditching that overly full feeling.
  • Surround yourself with a successful environment and positive thought patterns regarding nutrition and body image
  • Take good care of yourself!
  • Stop stress eating and ditch the guilt that typically comes along with it
  • Move past the rigidity of diets and bring the joy back in eating while practicing the five pillars of good nutrition!

balance pillars

If you are ready to work with one our REBEL dietitians to start your healthy weight loss journey, contact us at 301-474-2499 or fill out the contact form below and click submit. You can see our nutritionists in one of our Maryland offices or to set up a virtual on-line appointment if you are unable to travel to the Washington, DC Metro area .


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