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Nutrition Counseling for Diabetes

Being diagnosed with diabetes can often leave you with a lot of questions:

  • What exactly is diabetes?
  • How can I control it?
  • Do I have to take medication?
  • What can I eat?

Meeting regularly with a Registered Dietitian (RD) is a great place to start when you are first diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes, or if you have been diagnosed in the past and are now ready to get control over your blood sugar. The dietitian can answer any questions you might have about food and diabetes and can help create a plan with you to start living a healthier lifestyle. Did you know that meetings with the dietitian help clients reduce their hemoglobin A1C (a 3 month average measure of blood sugar) by up to 2.9%. Since this scale normally is somewhere between 5% and 10% this is HUGE!

Here are some examples of the goals of our diabetic clients:

  • I want to get off medications
  • I want to lose weight
  • I want to avoid complications of diabetes such as decreased kidney function, blurry vision, neuropathy, or amputation by keeping my sugar within the normal range
Your dietitian will guide you in making lifestyle changes to help manage your blood sugar levels and work with you to make small, life-long changes to improve your health over time. You will learn about proteins, carbohydrates, and fats and how each of these foods affects your blood sugar. You will receive tips on meal planning, grocery shopping, and meal preparation for diabetes management. If you need help learning how to monitor your blood sugar, your dietitian will be able to show you how to properly use a glucometer. We also offer complimentary glucometers for our patients so that they can easily check their blood sugar levels at home.


According to Medscape Medical News “A large survey study of more than 52,000 adults in 19 countries showed that individuals with binge eating disorder or bulimia nervosa were more than twice as likely to have diabetes.” This study also showed that individuals with depression were 30% more likely to have a diabetes diagnosis. As you can see, this goes much deeper than just following a meal plan to stabilize blood sugars, it also means working through the binge eating, which can present itself following periods of strict diets.

You may have seen our Taste the Sweet REBELLION program with our REBEL Dietitians in which we promote not using the scale as a sole determinant in your progress and health, and you may have thought to yourself “but how can I REBEL Diets so freely if I have diabetes or cardiovascular disease? While it is important that I love my body, I also want to make sure I prioritize health”. We certainly agree! We want to do what’s best to help you live a long, healthy, and happy life.  We do this by goal setting along the way in conjunction with working on your relationship with food, and taking care of yourself. Without this foundation we find that the nutrition piece is only a temporary fix.

REBELLING can help you manage these health concerns by:

  • Enjoying every aspect of eating, which makes you more in control of your food choices
  • Having a variety of food options so you don’t get bored or feel limited
  • Working to trust your body cues and hunger signals to therefore address your health needs in a different way
  • Learning the science and nutrition education of how food is affecting your blood sugars so you have the tools to properly fuel your body
  • Having support during this unnerving time to stay on the road to a stress-free, healthy life
A Registered Dietitian is a great person to have by your side when dealing with diabetes. Whether you are newly diagnosed or have been struggling for a while, our dietitians will help you improve your health. We provide advice for managing your blood sugar levels with realistic goals that are customized to your lifestyle needs. Learn to love food while managing your health and diabetes at the same time!

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