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Wondering what services we provide as Registered Dietitians?

Our services include Diagnostic Nutrition Testing, Customized Nutrition Programs, Nutrition Classes, Corporate Wellness Programs, & Business Coaching for Nutritionists. See below for more details on how we can help you make food simple again.

Insurance Coverage

Will My Insurance Cover Nutrition Registered Dietitian Consultations?

Our services are covered by many major health insurance providers. However, each contract varies depending upon the agreement with your employer. It is your responsibility to contact your insurance company to determine if nutrition services are covered. If you do not have these benefits, talk you your employer’s benefits department to get medical nutrition therapy covered as a benefit.

Here is some information about basic insurance guidelines,  We recommend that you reach out to your specific plan for additional details.

Please review our pdf guide to current insurance coverage requirements.

We are currently providers for Medicare, BCBS, Cigna, Aetna, and Evergreen.

For additional blogs about using insurance benefits for nutrition counseling and medical nutrition therapy, please take a look at these blogs:

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How Rebecca Bitzer & Associates can Help to get you Insurance Coverage

Does Insurance cover Registered Dietitian in Maryland?

To set contact our office to set up your first appointment, contact us using this form.

RBA Team of Registered Dietitians

RBA Team of Registered Dietitians


Easy Chicken Kabobs

Easy Chicken Kabobs



From Mayhem to Mealtime: Master Meal Planning for A Healthy Weight

Get started in our MEAL PLANNING PILOT PROGRAM.  This program is being offered at a discounted rate (50% off!) in exchange for feedback of how we can develop the course to make it even more helpful for our clients.

Level One– Package of 8 weekly meal plans: $92 (Pilot Program: $46)

  • Each meal plan includes 5 meal ideas and recipes for the week
  • Also includes grocery list, photos, and tips to help you become an expert at meal planning
  • Taste the Sweet REBELLION: REBEL Against Dieting Workbook (a $30 value)

Level Two– 8 Weeks: $265.00 (Pilot Program: $132.50)

  • Receive 8 weekly meal plans, with a total of 40 meal ideas and recipes
  • Includes grocery lists, photos, and tips to help you become an expert at meal planning
  • Taste the Sweet REBELLION: REBEL Against Dieting Workbook (a $30 value)
  • Weekly phone calls with your REBEL Dietitian to customize your plan and work on challenges

Level Three– 8 Weeks: Starting at $780* (Pilot Program: $390*)

  • Receive 8 weekly meal plans, with a total of 40 meal ideas and recipes
  • Also includes grocery lists, photos, and tips to help you become an expert at meal planning
  • Taste the Sweet REBELLION: REBEL Against Dieting Workbook (a $30 value)
  • A personalized and customizable experience with a Registered Dietitian, including in-home meal preparation, a grocery store tour, and unlimited email support

*Plus the cost of food/travel

Mayhem to Mealtime Recipes

Mayhem to Mealtime Recipes

A REBEL: Masting the Non-Dieting Approach

  • 60-minute Initial consultation $175
  • Packages include individual counseling, Resting Metabolic Rate Testing, unlimited text support, daily food log check in, coordination of care with other healthcare professionals.

A Stronger You Sports Nutrition Program

  • Three 45 minute appointments, Body fat testing, Metabolism testing, Meal plan and email support
    $495 ($685 value, 28% savings)
  • We also have a program for athletes with disordered eating.  This program will help you properly fuel your body to help achieve athletic goals and form a healthy relationship with food.

Food Sensitivity (LEAP/MRT) Nutrition Counseling

  • Initial Consultation $175 (can be billed to insurance)

Packages vary according to the services you may need. Contact us for available programs (part of fee may be covered by insurance).

  • LEAP/MRT for 120 foods and 30 food chemicals
  • Express FedEx shipping of MRT blood draw to Oxford Biomedical Technologies
  • MRT results and getting started guide
  • Tracking of symptoms and problem solving
  • Menu planning, food preparation ideas, recipes for meals and snacks
  • Grocery toolkit
  • E-mail support for questions, troubleshooting, and tips during the 5 weeks of phases
  • Shopping tour to get started on LEAP diet
  • In home pantry review


Nutrition Testing

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)

RMR:  Option 1 – $195. Includes a 30 minute consultation with Registered Dietitian.

RMR: Option 2 – $155.  For anyone looking to re-test or who plan to analyze their own test results.

Body Fat Testing: 3 tests spaced out to see progress, $50 for clients, $100 non- clients

LEAP Testing: Contact us for programs (part of fee may be covered by insurance).

Spectracell & Boston Heart Testing: $325 – paid directly to Rebecca Bitzer & Associates

Administrative Fees

Late cancel/no show Fee: $25

Records: $25

Yearly Receipts: $5

Nutrition Programs and Services

How can we help? Do you find yourself with “too much on your plate” juggling the responsibilities of work, home and family? Are you finding it difficult to make self-care a priority? All of us at Rebecca Bitzer & Associates understand that taking control of personal wellness is often difficult without a nutrition coach.

We like to think that we have the best blend of scholarly training as Registered Dietitians and the best credentials to advise you to obtain nutrition solutions. As personal nutrition coaches, we are here to provide nutrition counseling, clarity of nutrition information and to help motivate you and keep you focused. We concentrate on what you are ready, willing and able to do based on your health and your lifestyle.

We have explored and implemented a wide variety of tools to be able to personalize our plan with you to promote your success. So whether you need to lose weight, manage your diabetes, conquer your eating disorder, beat food sensitivities, lower cholesterol, manage high blood pressure or prepare healthy meals, we can help you.

Nutrition Programs

In addition to traditional nutrition counseling for diabetes management, heart health, weight management, and general healthy eating, we offer specialized programs for Eating Disorders, Healthy Weight LossDigestive Wellness, Sports Nutrition, and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

We also offer phone and video conference nutrition counseling for out of state clients or those with a busy schedule. Tele-nutrition counseling is a convenient way to address your nutrition and health concerns and is perfect if you are away at college, on the go, a busy parent or in another state. Contact us to see if this option can work for you

Fill out our website request form or call our office at 301-474-2499 for more information or to set up an appointment.

Nutrition Programs

Nutrition Programs

Diagnostic Testing

We offer state-of-the-art nutritional diagnostic testing in order to provide you with nutrition recommendations that are custom tailored to your health and nutrient needs. Available testing includes:

Support Groups & Classes

We have found that health and nutrition outcomes improve with a strong social support network. We offer support groups and classes and events in a variety of areas, including eating disorder recovery, diabetes and pre-diabetes, and healthy lifestyle habits. Please contact us for more details.

Online Support

Rebecca Bitzer & Associates is now offering online nutrition counseling as a convenience to our busy clients who can. effectively and seamlessly receive expert nutrition information and support from the comfort of your own home. Thanks to HIPAA complaint portals that allow us to communicate with clients “face to face” online nutrition counseling can be a great option for a variety of clients.

Have young kids at home?

Work a full-time job?

Too cold to go outside?

Migraines make it difficult to leave the house?

Limited transportation?

Achieve your health goals and receive support that can easily fit your lifestyle.



Our Registered Dietitians are available for all types of media presentations, interviews, and article submissions.  They are passionate about communicating the importance of proper nutrition and health.  When they are not counseling clients, they are speaking, blogging, and spreading the word about good nutrition.

We encourage you to follow our inspirational Registered Dietitians:

Rebecca Bitzer: Empowered Eating

Rebecca Bitzer & Associates: RBA Blog


Our nutrition experts have been interviewed multiple times for the Washingtonian’s Health and Wellbeing Blog. Here are some of our favorites:

Quick Nutrition Tips:

Take a look as our quick nutrition tips via short videos that are easy to watch. Some of the featured topics include: how to maintain weight, what to eat before and after a workout, choosing the right cereal, and non-dairy sources of calcium.

Laurel TV:

Dietitian Dana was featured on Laurel TV with Audrey Barnes. She discussed nutrition, REBEL, and dieting myths. Check it out! 

Laurel Community Spotlight

Laurel Community Spotlight

 Bowie TV:

Dietitian Dana was featured on Bowie TV with Dorothea Howard.  She discussed optimizing nutrition for Sarcoidosis and the effects of medication on nutrition.  Check it out!

Bowie TV

Bowie TV

Prince Georges TV: 

Dietitian Shelley was featured on Prince Georges TV discussing how to keep your nutrition a priority over the holiday season!  Check it out!

Bowie TV

Bowie TV

Rebecca Bitzer, Kait Fortunato, Dana Magee, Alex Raymond, Kaitlin Williams, and Klara Knezevic will happily speak at your next event or participate in communicating our nutrition message to your organization.  Please contact us using this form.


Corporate Wellness

Healthy Employees Help Your Bottom Line

Nutrition Sessions at work = corporate wellness! Corporations know healthier people cost less, are more productive and can contribute more to the performance of your company. If a company keeps its employees healthy, the benefits over time are lower expenses and higher employee output, both of which can lead to higher earning for the company.

Our corporate wellness programs can…

  • Decrease absenteeism
  • Increase morale
  • Decrease stress
  • Lower health care costs
  • Wellness Programs for Employers of All Sizes


Lunch & Learn Wellness Lectures

Kaitlin’s Popular Talks:

  • Diabetes and Nutrition: Simple Ways to Meet Your Goals
  • Meal Planning for a Healthy Weight
  • Healthy Eating 101: Simple Ways to Meet Your Goals
  • Choose My Plate: Making it Work for You
  • Nutrition for Heart Health
  • Nutrition 101
  • Stress and Nutrition


Individual Programs

RMR Measurements

Mini Individual Counseling Sessions



Health Fair Cooking Demos Biggest Winner Contests


Health Screening Services

Resting  Metabolic Rate

Health Screening Questionnaires


You may have seen us at one of these business wellness events:

  • Science Systems and Applications, Inc. (SSAI)
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
  • Corporate Office Properties Trust (COPT)
  • National Archives
  • Prince George’s County Government
  • Sheraton Annapolis
  • Business Health Services

If you are interested in emphasizing health at your business, please download and complete the speaker request form and let us know you are interested in having us come to your business.

Business Coaching

What Business Coaching is Available?

Rebecca Bitzer is a pioneer in private practice and has been mentoring Registered Dietitians (and RDs2B) for decades.  She believes strongly in advancing the professional of nutrition and dietetics and believes that sharpening business skills in herself and others is one of the keys to her longevity and success as a nutrition professional.  Rebecca believes in nurturing her employees to grow into strong, successful professionals and has created a tried and true career path to foster the career opportunities of both her employees and those who she has provided business coaching.

Most of Rebecca’s Registered Dietitians started in her private practice as nutrition students and learned in the trenches every aspect of running a business, so now Kait Fortunato and Dana Magee can provide business coaching for you to start and/or expand your nutrition counseling practice as they have been part of the team to make this happen. Klara Knezevic, who also started as a nutrition student, is the lead of our billing team and can also provide valuable information on how to qualify to accept medical insurance and guide you with the nitty gritty details of insurance billing for medical nutrition therapy. For more information on how to take the next step in your career, purchase our workbook, visit or email Rebecca for more details at

Take a look at the Imagine the Nutrition Counseling Practice of Your Dreams website for information about how we can help you with individual coaching, group classes, retreats, our very own business workbook and more!

Authors of Welcome to the Rebelution: Seven Steps to the Nutrition Counseling Practice of Your Dreams

Authors of Welcome to the Rebelution: Seven Steps to the Nutrition Counseling Practice of Your Dreams

Prior to writing our workbook, we were featured in other business professional’s books below: 

Featured in “Making Nutrition Your Business: Private Practice and Beyond
This is an essential resource for any dietetics professional considering a switch to private practice, consulting, writing or speaking. This book discusses what it takes to go solo, how to structure your business, money management essentials, office space tips, how to use technology to rev up your practice, marketing ideas that will get you noticed, reimbursement issues, and more. Click here to order Making Nutrition Your Business.

Featured in “The Competitive Edge
Rebecca Bitzer, MS, RD & Associates is featured in the college marketing textbook, The Competitive Edge, edited by Kathy King and published by Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins. This is the most comprehensive marketing book for nutrition professionals ever published! Totally updated with 61 contributing authors. Make more income and have more power by making your career and programs more successful. A must for any entrepreneurial dietitian. Click here to order The Competitive Edge.

MEG Enterprises Professional of the Month
Registered Dietitian, Wellness Coach and Certified Personal Trainer Margie Geiser owner of MEG Enterprises, provides coaching services to health professionals who dream of starting a private practice. Every month she selects a Professional of the Month to highlight the accomplishments of Registered Dietitians with successful private practices. Listen to Margie’s interview with Professional of the Month, Rebecca Bitzer.

Featured in “Today’s Dietitian”
Rebecca Bitzer is featured as an Eating Disorder Nutrition Therapist in this issue of Today’s Dietitian. Today’s Dietitian is the leading news source for nutrition professionals. Read insights from eating disorder counseling featuring Rebecca Bitzer’s article on using technology such as email support to help clients stay on a healthy path.

We look forward to helping you fast track your private practice to success, please reach out to us at to sign up for our free monthly inspirational newsletter, purchase our workbook and/or find out more information on how we can help set you up for business success.

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