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Explanation of MyPlate, Its Interactive Website, and Tips for Parents

Explanation of MyPlate, Its Interactive Website, and Tips for Parents

By Emily Menge: RBA Intern

When the USDA replaced the MyPyramid nutrition guidelines with the MyPlate guidelines in 2011, many nutrition experts were excited to see how the new program could help Americans improve their nutrition.

MyPyramid had been in place for many years but was hard for many people to follow and did not specifically say what foods you should be eating at every meal. The MyPlate program has simplified nutrition in hopes that more Americans will see how attainable a healthy lifestyle is. The program icon is a picture of a plate with fruits, vegetable, grains, protein, and a separate section for dairy. One of the main messages MyPlate tries to convey is to make half your plate fruits and vegetables.

My favorite aspect of this new program is the interactive website. It offers a vast number of resources that people can use to help them eat healthy.  There is free food and exercise trackers so you can keep a food log as well as tips for exercising. The MyPlate website is a great for anyone who is interested in learning how to live a healthier lifestyle. They even have a section with tips to help people make smart decisions while eating out. I encourage everyone to browse the MyPlate website to look at all the useful tips and advice they offer. Overall, the USDA has done a great job revamping their nutrition education program with MyPlate.

Note from Rebecca Bitzer, RD: Here is my favorite part of this website  includes 10 ways to be a Healthy Role Model  help promote healthy food behaviors in children. Several of these tips include:

  • Show by example
  • Go food shopping together
  • Get creative in the kitchen
  • Offer the same foods for everyone
  • Reward with attention, not food

and more……


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