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Metabolic Testing

How fast or sluggish is your metabolism? Measure your metabolic rate with your REBEL Dietitian.


Resting Metabolic Rate Measurement Procedure

How can measuring your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) help with weight management?

We can take the guesswork out of determining calorie needs. Charts and tables can only provide estimates of caloric need and can still lead to under or overeating. Indirect calorimetry has long been recognized as the best solution for measuring your metabolic rate. But complexity, cost, and maintenance made it unavailable to most.

Korr Medical Technologies recently introduced the Reevue, an affordable, lightweight, and accurate device for metabolic measurements that is tailored specifically for nutritional assessments. The portability allows sports nutritionists to easily move from client to client, doing multiple tests each day. The simple one key operation and auto calibration allows us to measure you RMR in our nutrition office. And the accuracy is the same as the expensive, bulky metabolic carts of the past.

What is Energy Balance

It is important to remember the basics of Energy Balance, simply put, if you burn more energy than your body absorbs, you will lose weight and vice versa. When food is absorbed into your body it must either be burned as energy or stored as fat.

Achieving your ideal weight begins with finding the right balance of exercise and caloric intake. But each person’s balance is unique. Knowing your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) can put you on the path to healthy living. Everyone has a unique number – find out yours.

Your RMR

  • Measures the number of calories your body burns at rest.
  • Is determined by measuring the amount of oxygen you consume while resting.
  • Tells you how many calories you would burn in a day – if you rested the entire day.
  • Can help you determine how many calories you should be eating each day to maintain, gain or lose weight.


What To Expect – It Is As Easy As 1-2-3!






In just 10 minutes, we will know precisely how many calories your body is burning. Your diet can then be tailored to maintain the right caloric balance. Proper nutritional assessment by Korr Medical Technologies can put you back on the road to better health!

Cost: There are 2 options for RMR testing:

  • Option 1: $195 – includes a 30 minute consultation with a Registered Dietitian
  • Option 2: $155 – for anyone looking to re-test, or analyze their own test results
REEVUE RMR Testing Machine

RMR Machine in Greenbelt and Columbia Office


Your Registered Dietitian will review your results with you.

Your Registered Dietitian will review your results with you.


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