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Rebel Dietitian Cooking and Nutrition Videos

Check out our media videos below for expert information on various nutrition topics, new recipes, and more! Our team is constantly adding new videos to this website and we have plenty of videos on youtube. We also encourage you to follow our inspirational Registered Dietitian’s blogs.  Rebecca Bitzer & Associates is here to help you make food simple again. These videos show our Registered Dietitians in many speaking engagements, interviews, food demonstrations, on television and creating many cooking and food preparation videos from our Taste the Sweet Rebellion: Rebel Against Dieting cookbook/workbook and other Registered Dietitian approved recipes from a variety of sources.

Our team helps you focus on making food simple and enjoyable again. We offer many wise, creative solutions to a wide variety of nutrition services.  Our hand-selected, rigorously trained team of eight Registered Dietitians each have specialties to help you reach your goals. Just as you would not see a cardiologist to treat cancer, we believe our nutritionists also need specialities to give you the best, most in-depth, current knowledge and treatment plans possible.  We see clients in three locations in Maryland (Annapolis, Greenbelt and Columbia) and we offer virtual appointments.  To find our more, read our about us, email us at or call us at 301-474-2499. We look forward to helping you meet your nutrition goals.

Our Video Shoot

Our Cooking Video Shoot

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