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Mayhem to Mealtime Workshop

M2M Workshop Full Handout

Early Bird Pricing only $225.00 before February 1st, 2017

Take Homes from the Mayhem to Mealtime Workshop:

Prep day the easy way: 5 meals made on Sunday for a week of no stress mealtimes

Freezer “dump dinners”: Meal prep party with friends or lived ones creating a library of options to choose from

1 pan, 1 pot meals, 1 wok meals- less prep, less cleaning, less stress

5 ingredients into 25 dinners: the art of getting creative

Setting up for success, at the end of the retreat you will

Have meals planned for the next month

4 techniques to meal plan

Hacks and tips to make meal planning easier

Goody bag from our sponsors filled with new products to try!

Enjoy an exercise break with trainer Rena Silbert who makes activity enjoyable and doable in a busy life!

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