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Successful Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Experience

Successful Nutrition Client

Since we have six Dietitians in our office, each with a unique specialty, it is common for us to encounter distinctive clients. Take our next successful client; this man is someone who has competed in cross-country meets, runs 6 days a week, and had previously lost over 15 pounds. This might not be the “typical” client we see come into our office, but it is increasingly the type that Kait Fortunato has been helping. As our sports Dietitian, Kait has been helping athletes like this man improve their performance by changing their diets.

Here is what our client’s are saying

He recently talked to us about his reasons for coming in to see Kait:

“After I lost all the weight that I did, I didn’t eat much and I was probably on the road to being dangerously underweight.  I was tired of feeling depleted and unmotivated and tired all the time, so I knew something would have to change if I wanted to get back to my normal self.  I listened and knew I had to do this.”

Kait Fortunato, RD Soccer Means More

Kait Fortunato, RD Soccer Means More


Food is essential fuel for anyone, and especially important for someone who is as active as this patient is.

“Kait told me I wasn’t eating enough, which I heard before from others, but when you hear someone who is an expert say it, it means a little more because they are trained in the subject.”


Gaining back some weight allowed him to perform better in his workouts, and runs especially. He said he has more energy now, and is even beating his personal best running times from last year!

It was a great feeling, and great motivation for me to come back for more running.”

Sports Dietitians can help you get competitive edge

Athletes are often looking for that “leg up,” that thing that will give them an edge over the other competitors, or even just beating their own records. The answer isn’t a pill or a gimmick, it’s better nutrition!

Are you in a similar situation? It is commonly underestimated how much and what kinds of food an athlete needs to eat, but Kait is here to help you understand your own body’s needs! Our newest successful patient is continuing to improve after already seeing better results, and he describes Kait as down-to-earth and nice to be around, so if you are interested in improving your athletic performance, give her a call!

Successful Sports Dietitians

Successful Sports Dietitians

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Blog updated December 2016.


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