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REBEL Round- Up: Collection of Blog Favorites from Around the Web

REBEL Round- Up: Collection of Blog Favorites from Around the Web

By: Kait Fortunato Greenberg RD, LD

I love reading other blog posts as much as I enjoy writing them. They spark creativity and inspiration and it is just fun to hear other’s view points on food, health, body image and whatever else is going on in the world. Here are some posts that I am loving lately.
A Weight Lifted: Body Transformation Start With Your Head
It is hard to get stuck in negative thinking and comparisons but I love how this blog shows that positive thinking and energy can help change your thoughts.
Empowered Eating: Our Body Image Role Models of 2013
The College Girls share one of my favorite celebrity type blogs I have read this year. These are the type of people we should look up to!
It’s Progression: The Importance of Self Care
I love this post’s description of self care and ideas for what you can do everyday.
Kath Eats: Rebel Dieting
Check out my guest post on how to be a Rebel on Kath Eats.
Huffington Post: Dear Mom: I’m Sorry for Every Mean Thing I Ever Said… About Myself
This is a must read for all women struggling with body image issues.  It’s both honest and inspiring.
RBA: Start Small To Reach Your Nutrition Goals
RD Annie Thorp shares tips on how to work on your health and nutrition goals realistically and to help keep them last!
Mind Body Green: I Know It’s A Cliche, But Here’s Why You Gotta Love Your Body
Practical things you can do to help promote positive body image. These ideas are very realistic.


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