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Boston Heart Cardio-Metabolic Testing

Nutrition Testing for Heart Disease with Your REBEL Dietitians

We are happy to offer our clients access to cutting edge laboratory services to help manage their health.  One of these is through Boston Heart Diagnostics which evaluates your cardio-metabolic health.  In other words, you will learn more about your risk of heart disease and other blood test results that will help you get a better idea of your overall heart health and then you appointment with your Registered Dietitian Nutritionist will be able to give you specific recommendations based on your Boston Heart report results.

Here is a sample of some of the information that you will receive based on your blood work.  Click here to see a more detailed sample report.

Results will give you a snapshot of your health and include measures of blood sugar to assess diabetes risk/ status of the progression of diabetes.  The lipid profile will show us not only cholesterol but also particle sizes and some heart related genetic markers.  The testing also includes measures of inflammation, thyroid function, genetic markers, fatty acid balance and whether you are a cholesterol absorber or producer.  Your dietitian will use these results to determine nutritional recommendations and supplement needs.

Process of getting your results:

  1. Meet with your Registered Dietitian in order for them to review your medical history, family history, symptoms, and goals.  Your dietitian will be able to evaluate if this testing is a good option for you!
  2. Join us on our monthly blood draw to get the blood work taken.  We have a certified phlebotomist in our Greenbelt office monthly. Your dietitian can schedule you for this at your initial appointment. The blood draw will take place on the following days:
    • 7/20/16
    • 8/17/16
    • 9/14/16
    • 10/19/16
    • 11/16/16
    • 12/7/16
  3. The test is FASTING- no food for 12 hours if possible, you can drink plenty of water. Take your medications as prescribed, if you need to take medications with food please do what you need to to get to our office safely.  Consult with your doctor to determine a game plan for blood test day.
  4. The Boston Heart representative will be in our office to answer any questions your might have.  They will send out the blood work that day.
  5. Results typically come back to us within 3-4 weeks, our office will alert you when we have received them in order to follow up for an appointment to discuss your results. You will be given multiple copies and we urge you to share with your doctors!

Contact our office at 301-474-2499 and/or look at the events calendar page on this website to set up your Boston Heart Nutritional Testing now.

Boston Heart and Spectracell Blood Draw in our Greenbelt Office

Boston Heart and Spectracell Blood Draw in our Greenbelt Office

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